danida The beginning and end of a Journey
Travel without any baggage now
If you'd like to travel without language barriers
After arriving at the airport,
you'd like to move straight to the attractions,
it was incovenience due to your luggage though
Traveling with your children,
booster seats were heavy and uncomfortable
A passenger to driver matching in a conversational language

To avoid discomfort due to language while traveling in a vehicle on a travel destination Driver matching takes place in the selected language.

*Korean, English, and Japanese available
We deliver your luggage to make your trip convenient

Now, uncomfortable carriers or golf bags will be delivered along the way.

We deliver your luggage
comfortably without any worries

Danida, which you can trust, delivers it safely

3 ways to deliver your carrier without anxiety
Smart luggage
trackers in real time
Travel and track your carrier delivery
location anytime, anywhere
Security Stickers
on Luggage
Now is the time to deliver luggage
Luggage is not tampered just like
chicken delivered to your house
The photo of
confirmation that
the carrier is delivered
Check your luggage that has been
delivered with a photo, and you can check in
showing the tag photo
The heavy booster seats for your children is solved with a touch

You don't have to carry booster seats when traveling with your children

The nature of a journey

In the meantime, luggage has been considered an obstacle for discomfort
Danida wants to solve the inconvenient factors of travel, such as language and baggage for the happiness and convenience of travelers
The moment of travel and the time of travelers are precious.